VMA’s primary objective is to ensure that you and your company receive the property tax service that you need and deserve. We will take that extra step in catering to the unique needs of your company. We want to build solid, loyal relationships with your organization and provide service that exceeds your expectation.

Personal Property

With thousands of state and local taxing jurisdictions throughout the country, each with their own rules and regulations, the filing of personal property tax returns can be a daunting task. VMA’s expertise and efficiency are the keys to keeping costs down. VMA can maintain your entire personal property portfolio with maximum tax benefits and keep your company in compliance by:

  • Categorizing assets for highest possible depreciation
  • Preventing penalties for late filing or erroneous reporting
  • Searching for possible asset exemption opportunities
  • Verifying that assessments are fair and all depreciation is granted
  • Appealing values and representing your firm before all informal and formal appeal boards
  • Working with jurisdictions in the event of an audit
  • Reviewing and processing all tax invoices
  • Establishing personal property tax budgets

Real Estate

The valuation of real estate represents a fine balance between pure math and elusive market conditions. It can be a time-consuming effort for the uninitiated to decipher what a proper value might actually be. VMA employs various factors, including the standard three approaches to value, in order to sculpt a story of value for each real estate parcel in your portfolio. The gamut of VMA’s real estate services include:

  • Performing due diligence reviews on all new acquisitions
  • Reconciling real estate holdings with jurisdictional records
  • Reviewing real property valuations
  • Researching possible real estate exemption or tax rate reduction opportunities
  • Appealing values and representing your firm before all informal and formal appeal boards
  • Reviewing and processing all tax invoices
  • Preparing tax proration calculations
  • Establishing real property tax budgets

Facility Licensing Compliance

While an extremely important requirement, it is also one that is often overlooked, especially for remote sites. Each year, business locations are required to renew their business licenses with the local taxing authority (city and/or county). For corporations with locations nationwide, this compliance function tends to be time consuming and overwhelming.

VMA specializes in serving our client’s license tax compliance needs, in a cost effective way. We have the experience to manage the entire license compliance process nationwide. The following are some of the common types of local permits and licenses:

  • Business Licenses / Tax Permits – from your city or county taxing authority;
  • Quarterly Business Privilege Licenses;
  • Occupational Tax License;
  • Business Tax Receipts; and
  • Quarterly B&O Tax